Next at MOPS: Spirituality & Relationships

Tomorrow, Jan 22 is our next MOPS @ Night meeting. Pastor Andy Sass from Northgate will be speaking on the topic of Spirituality and Relationships. Pastor Andy is  a dynamic, humorous and often profound speaker who hits it home with his down-to-earth speaking approach. His topics will cover spirituality with our husbands, kids, families and friends. This promises to be a great night with a good message.

Pastor Andy Sass
Pastor Andy Sass

A little about Andy Sass,
Lead Pastor at Northgate Free Methodist Church in Batavia:

Favorite aspects of job: Being a part of a Great Church Family thats helping to make Heaven one day more full.
Pet Peeve: People with issues going to other people with their issues rather than the person they have the issue with.
Favorite song to blast from your desk: The Declaration – Kirk Franklin
Favorite Comfort Food: Chili’s Baby Back Ribs


Group #1 (Chrissy) has snack and Group #2 (Shawna) has dessert. We hope to see you there!


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