Terese Main at MOPS!!!

Hi Mommas! This week’s MOPS at night meeting features an awesome guest speaker! Terese Main of the Family Life Network will be joining us to share all about marriage. If you’ve never heard Terese speak, you won’t want to miss this week’s MOPS meeting! She is a down-to-earth mom with great stories and great advice.

Here’s a little bit about Terese from http://www.fln.org:

Terese Main

Terese Main / Program Director, Mid-Day Announcer | email

You can hear Terese at-work, from 9am to 12noon. She also hosts the Lunch Break, where you get all the news, learning and encouragement you need to make it through the rest of your day. She shares her optimistic perspective on life, through the path the Lord lays before her.

Off the air, Terese is Program Director of the radio network. While coming up with “interesting” new ideas is one of her strongest talents, her favorite thing to do is work with on-air talent, encouraging them to use their God-given gifts to lead people to grow in the knowledge of His Kingdom. She has a laugh that can be heard for miles around, and counts the joy of each day as her favorite thing about serving in the ministry.

Before joining Family Life, Terese spent nine years on the air at WARM 101.3 in Rochester, NY, where she was Program Director as well. Her voice is also heard on 95.1 Shine FM, a Christian radio station in Baltimore, MD. Having grown up in Dryden, NY, attended Ithaca College and then moved to Rochester, Terese has spent her whole life in the Family Life listening area. She’s come to appreciate the beauty and wonder of this part of the country.

Terese accepted Jesus as her savior during High School, but walked away from Him during her 20’s. During that time, she met and married Scott, never having talked about her faith. A few years later, the topic came up and both shared the stories of their salvation, and started attending church, as they put Christ as the forefront of their lives. How good God is to have saved these two for each other! They are blessed with daughters Emily and Ashley.

In her free time, Terese enjoys scrapbooking, working with pre-teen girls at her church, leading a Girl Scout Troop, and being a wife and mom. She never takes any moment for granted. Because when God is in charge, a chance meeting could be one that changes your life.


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